About Jubilee Vintique

Hello. My name is Kathie and this is Jubilee Vintique.

Jubilee Vintique is a boutique furniture design shop based in Fairhope, Alabama. We specialize in custom furniture painting and restoration.

To experience a “Jubilee” in our beautiful town, Fairhope, Alabama, is to become one with the community in which we live, work and play. A Jubilee is a naturally occurring phenomenon during which the rapid depletion of oxygen in the water drive sea life to the surface in search of oxygenated water.The Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay is one of very few places in the world where Jubilee’s occur.

Jubilee, as part of our name, was a natural choice. It helps identify where we live and what we do. We breathe depleted oxygen into the bones of  furniture pieces ready for a new life.

The second part of our name, Vintique, is a combination of vintage and antique, words often used interchangeably.

At Jubilee Vintique we breathe new life into  furniture utilizing the best tools and products available for the job.  Our goal of a piece of furniture is not limited by color or finish to fit a style but rather each piece is styled to enhance the flavor of the surroundings and decor of your individual space.

Restoring older pieces is always a labor of love for you and for us.  Memories are stored in each unique piece and we strive to save your memories and/or enhance your piece with a totally new look.