About Jubilee Vintique

Hello. My name is Kathie and this is Jubilee Vintique.

Jubilee Vintique is a boutique furniture design shop based in Fairhope, Alabama. We specialize in custom, vintage furniture and redesign services.

To experience a “Jubilee” in our beautiful town, Fairhope, Alabama, is to become one with the community in which we live, work and play. A Jubilee is a natural occurring phenomenon during which a rapid depletion of oxygen in the water drive fish, crabs, shrimp and eels to the surface in search of oxygenated water. It is a time of celebration as we walk the beaches scooping up an abundance of seafood which we will feast on as we share with friends and family. The Eastern Shore off Mobile Bay is one of very few places in the world where Jubilee’s occur.

Jubilee, as part of our name, was a natural choice. It helps identify where we live and what we do. We see old furniture that has good bones come to the surface for fresh air.

The second part of our name, Vintique, is a combination of vintage and antique words which are used interchangeably. Antique is a piece 100 years old or older, vintage is considered to be 50 years old. 

So we have Jubilee Vintique. We breathe new life into vintage and antique furniture utilizing the best tools and products available for the job. Our goal is to choose classic pieces of furniture which defy categories and time constraints. Our pieces are not limited by color or finish to fit a style but rather styled to enhance the flavor of the surroundings and decor of your home or office.

Listening to the piece of furniture is also an important part of the process. Older furniture leaves much to the imagination. Stories of where it has been, who it has served, stories it has heard. “Listening” closely helps us uncover a renewed life for each piece.

There are three reasons to purchase a piece of furniture from Jubilee Vintique:

  • Vintage and antique furniture is REAL wood 
  • Your piece will be an original
  • Our landfills will be less full